SkIDE is a fully tooled Open source Editor for Skript providing IDE like features.


SkIDE was made with simplicity in mind, but provides a lot of Features no other editor provides to make Skript Development as easy as possible.

Flexible window Design

The Window System is flexible to allow split screens in both directions, extracting windows and resizing parts as needed.

Highlighting and Auto-complete

SkIDE provides rich Syntax Highlighting and a context based smart Auto-complete which always has the right proposals ready!

Addon Support

SkIDE has on demand auto-complete support for all addons registered on Skript Hub.

Server Support

SkIDE has a complete Server System build in which means testing Scripts is not more than one click and excludes annoying server management.

And many more features like...

Cross Platform

SkIDE is build on the JVM and as a result is available for all platforms supporting the Java Runtime.

Navigation features

Going to the definition of a function or searching all references of a Variable is only one button press!.


SkIDE can deploy to any FTP/SFTP server with ease.


Since SkIDE provides all Features cross file, its packed with a File merger and minifier.

  • The Cross platform Installers where made with Install4J


Here you can Download SkIDE. Its free but i develop this project in my free time and would appreciate every support!.


You need help, want to get in contact or just want to say thanks? Than your right here!